Dr Michael P C  Watts leads Impattern Solutions and utilizes a  network of consultants, and industry

Start up and Small company support
The Impattern team specialize in services for start up’s and small companies. In our experience, you are
under extreme budget and time pressure – and need access to a much wider range of expertise than
exists in your core team. We have   internationally recognized expertise in  semiconductor manufacturing
techniques, equipment and materials. We apply this expertise in market and technology assessments,
identifying strategic manufacturing solutions, designing products, fabricating prototypes, and setting up
manufacturing capabilities. We have personal experience as founders of start up’s so we understand
your challenges and needs.

Intellectual Property Development and Protection
I have a total  of 30 + patents and have participated in 11 cases as designated experts, in depositions
and as a testifying witness. I can run prior art searches, analysis of claims, and assist in patent

I have over 30 years of experience in patterning technology, equipment and materials. I am a materials
scientist by academic training. Over the years I have founded 3 companies, managed 100+ man
engineering teams, and helped numerous small and start up companies.  Specific areas of expertise
§         Applied Statistical Analysis of Semiconductor Equipment
§         Flat Panel Display and Wafer Inspection
§         Optical Multi-Layer Resist Technology
§         Photolithography
§         Photoresist Technology
§         Imprint Technology
§         Semiconductor Equipment
§         Semiconductor Microlithography
§         Semiconductor Robotic Equipment System Design
§         Semiconductor Wafer Inspection

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