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How the average American can reduce their carbon footprint  by 25%.

The realities of global warming cannot be ignored, do you want to give future generations a chance ?  There is one action that you can take today that will reduce your carbon footprint 25% - change to an electric car. 


If you are an  "average" american, you use your car to travel 14,000 miles a year at 24 mpg (1).  Your car uses 20 MWh of energy per year, a whopping 25% of your total energy consumption (2). Your car also consumes $2,200 worth of gasoline.  


When you go electric, you will have to charge your car (Nissan Leaf 200 mile range for example) 70 times. A single charge takes 62 KWh, so your annual energy use will be only 4.3 MWh, electric cars use 5x less energy.  You have also saved at least $3000 a year in gasoline and maintenance expenses. Its that simple to save 20% ! 

If you really want to have an impact, you can add solar panels to your roof. Our 6 MW installation in Texas generates 8 MWh per year, or enough to power 2 electric cars. Now you have reduced your carbon footprint by 25%. 

There is a legitimate concern about range. I have found 150 miles is more than enough for daily around town driving. Tesla owners have shown that longer range electrics are practical for cross country trips. Alternatives for 2 car families is to have one electric for around town and one hybrid for long trips. Renting for long trips is another solution. 

Plug-in vehicles are predicted to make up 23% of new passenger vehicle sales globally in 2025, up from just under 10% in 2021. At this rate, 50% of all sales by 2035 seems likely. 

This combination of improve efficiency and renewable source is the way forward to saving the planet for future generations! 

(1) U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration










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