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england, France, Belgium and Spain    Sept 2022


Europe 22 Itinerary

Fly in and out of London

See Sisks in London

Visit Janet and Roger in Gosport

Louise and  Maddy "Kay"  et al in Broadway

Manchester gang in Birmingham 

Train from London to Paris 

Loire Valley Chateaux and Bruges Belgium 

Fly from Paris to Malaga

Visit Cordoba, see Lynx, meet Justin and Gillian, Cartagena, Capilieri, and Granada

London from the Thames 

Music: "Thames flows softly" by Maddy Prior and Girls

Paris from the Seine, Loire Chateaux, and Bruges 

Music: "Cest si Bon" by C'est Si Bon from Live at the Bpc

"De Vier Wevers" by Water and Wijn.

Cordoba and Granada, Spain 

Music: "Isla Mujeres" by Javier Ruibal

Iberian Lynx, Red Legged Partridge and Mountain goat in Southern Spain.

England, France and Belgium 


We saw the show at "Crazy Horse" in Paris, well worth it !

Tina the Musical in London

Cordoba Royal Dressage 

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