Our history has been shaped by  the evolution of  earth, life on earth, our religious beliefs, governance, and scientific understanding. The trajectories of evolution  have been disrupted by a few key events.  The first event was the big bang and formation of the earth that started it all. The next was the start of life in bacteria Stromatolites that evolved into dinosaurs. The meteor that killed off the dinosaur allowed humans the opportunity to become the dominant species on earth.  The humans introduced the earliest belief systems and astronomical observations. The ice age enabled humans to populate every continent. The end of the ice age enabled settled agriculture in the Fertile Crescent  which in turn enabled the evolution of cities, a ruling class and mass religion. The Egyptian god - kings ruled for 3000 years, subsequently the Abrahamic religions become the most popular. The  Renaissance papacy enabled democracy and scientific understanding to evolve unconstrained by religious dogma. The scientific and technological revolution has inevitably resulted in an explosion of population, food  and energy use that has led to us terraforming our planet - not in a good way. As the dominate species, we now have no choice but to change the way we life on earth. 

The evolution of earth 

The evolution of life 

The evolution of beliefs 

The evolution of understanding

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The evolution of democracy 

Understanding climate change 

Actions for sustainability 


Earth - Holtz planets or Zafra

Life - Beethoven pastorlae

Beliefes - Gaudete 

Understanding - Monk