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Context from multiple views, 3D from motion parallax, visual surprises from point of view and hidden gems.  Surprise reveal to create drama by looking for visually engaging views and then find a surprising  transition in. Hide behind foreground and  track  side/vertical to interest, pan to interest.


iPhone 14 

12MP Ultra Wide: 13 mm, ƒ/2.2 aperture and 120° field of view

48MP 1x Main: 24 mm  60 deg FOV  30 arcsecs optical resolution.  9 mm diagonal  1X1um pixel.

12MP 3x Telephoto: 77 mm 20 deg FOV, up to 15x with digital zoom = 400mm store RAW and denoise (soft), 20 asecs pitch resolution. 

Sony 7as 100mm 2 x better resolution.

For walking landscape track use  cell pone + Hyperlapse 5x  + Active track and move slowly.

Turntable side track use Activetrack to maintain orientation.

For forward, back  or close side track use cell phone + full lock + Action mode 1x. 


For telephoto up to 200mm, use cell phone 2x (50mm) lens w/o Hyperlapse, wave stabilize in PP, zoom and sharpen in PS.


Beyond 200mm, use NikonP1000 stepped frames with carefully alignment to target, in roughly 0.5degree increments to cover at least 10 deg, combine into movie and zoom in PS, stretch using 10% speed  with Optical Force, wave stabilize in PP.  0.5 deg  = 1 stride for every 100 m of distance from target, needs at least 20 frames.


For max realism in pan use fast follow, slow joystick  and slow zoom.   

Boat stationary - video with cell phone. Full lock gimbal and Action mode up to 8x 200mm fl with post sharpening and stabilize. 

Boat driven - Action video handheld , 100mm for human perspective, so use 4x lens on cell phone or Nikon P1000. 


Cycle - Lock or Active track 



Night view stills or time lapse - cell phone Apple Night mode. Sony 7as 20mm or 100mm.  Human ISO1 daylight, ISO800 low light.

Night view stills on boat - cell phone Mimo gimbal  Lock, photo using Apple Night, or Procamera for RAW.

Moon, or eclipse  sun, with foreground needs extreme depth of field using f16-f32 only on Sony 7as . 100mm lens at f32 has a 6m -inf DOF.

Planets - Nikon P1000 + Fornax stage, or Celestron SCT + Svbony +AVX stage

Galaxies - Celestron RASA + QHY RGB + AVX Stage

Nebula - Celestron RASA + QHY SHO + AVX or 100mm + QHY SHO + Fornax.

Milky Way - 20mm or 8mm + Sony7a, 100mm <5 secs exposure. 

Wildlife -  P1000  still and video

Night wildlife still and video -  Sony 7as no filter + f2 100mm +  spot light. - 1/50 ISO12,800 --- Denoise (soft v.blurry), Autocolor, Hue to blue, Autocolor, Vib&Sat.

                                                                                     +  f6 400mm                       ---

Use spot light source as aiming aid, particularly for 400mm. An aiming light should be camera shoe mounted. Exposure light source needs to be 2 ft away from camera to create depth shadows. Using 3 stacked 10" brackets for 20" of distance. 1000lm focusable torch as light source, dim enough to not disturb animals and provide color images out at 20 meters and a 400mm lens. 

Test - Dark corner 100mm S7as  with IR filter ISO409k 2s S/N=1, 100mm QHY 183 = 230(35)mm  -15C G30 0.5s. S/N = 10. 

At home Celestron RASA +Svbony or Cooled QHY camera for real time. 100mm lens. shot noise ? Run night test. 

The Earth at Night series uses full moon light and a  Canon ME20 camera $20K !. Featuring an astonishing four million ISO rating 0.0005lux , the Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera captures video at up to 1920 x 1080p 60 and supports both NTSC and PAL broadcast frame rates. The camera incorporates a full frame 35mm-sized sensor with approximately 2.26 million pixels. This results in a pixel that is about 3 x larger than the pixels on Sony 7as Full-frame DSLR cameras,  10x more sensitive. Used large f 100mm, and a large catadioptric lens f8 1000mm full frame. 

People - Nikon P1000 or Cell phone + ProCamera stabilized. Collect RAW, denoise and sharpen for best results, avoid source jpeg. 

Underwater snorkle - need a GoPro 11, 27 Mpix, 8mm diagonal chip, 10 bit color, better stabilization using crop. 

GoPro Hero 11 FOV focal length  lens (SuperView) FOV (16mm DSLR)  170 degrees. ​Linear FOV (19mm – 39mm DSLR) - no fisheye. 90 degrees using 2.5x  digital crop.   Only reason to use GoPro is waterproofing, is 10 bit RAW just for underwater for  Gopro 11 worth it probably yes !

+ Moto dual light long bracket.  Create a dark region in front of camera out to target, to minimize backscatter. 

Underwater from boat, when swimming not an option - Gopro attached to selfie stick  -. SANDMARC Pole - Metal Edition: 15-50" Waterproof Extension Stick (Pole) for GoPro Hero 11,

Rely on clear water to see targets. Tilt down makes screen visible. Bucket view to see through surface.

Other action - running, biking, rowing, kyacking, white water.   For Kyacking use head mount and safety. 

Building stills, verticals need to be Y aligned. Use wide angle lens and keep camera level. For more resolution, use iPhone panorama in portrait mode, 

Overhead view - need a drone.

Example scenarios; 

Start with Sphinx dominating scene and then track showing the pyramids behind.

Use a window start with side view and then reveal what is through window. Walls, lintles and pillars all act as blocks.

Walk into room using door as block and panorama around.

Start low horizontal hold and move to max reach- about 3 meters. 

Look for a tower view point  track up over edge and out and then rotate down to overhead view. 

Track down to low view of vegetation or water fall.

Transition between 2 views - , to avoid people use camera overhead. Start with view1 side track, pan or joystick to view2, zoom and front track towards new target.  Best Activetrack pointing and side track best using slow follow, Best handle pan & tilt  use fast follow.   Use blocks for transitions, pillars, walls, traffic etc. 

Story telling; travelogue, highlights, theme. For instance - Botswana travelogue, wildlife, White water, boating. 

Fall travelogue - London, Paris,  chateaux, Bruges sights are all linked by  rivers  - then Spain. 

Egypt linked Nile, and Petra ? - River Jordan as a trade route. 




Egypt, Jordan Italy 

August - Colorado and UK 

Sept   Travelogue  & Wildlife


Kyacing - waterproof phone, wildlife - Nikon.  Boat video - iPhone/Gimbal. 

Icefields  - 

2 bear flights - Nikon - helicopter - iPhone/Gimbal

Northern Lights/Milky Way. 

Anchorage - Native Museums.

Northern Lights in Fairbanks 3 nights.  Sony 7a & iPhone / tripod backup batteries.



April 8 - Eclipse Fredricksberg.

Early May   Birds

New York

Philadelphia - Franklin, Independence Hall. 

Princeton. - Einstien, Canal 

Migratory warblers - Fort Hancock NJ, Central Park.

New York 

      Met Museum of Art 


      Museum of Natural History

      Stores - quilt


Late May  2024 Oregon  Travelogue & mating grebes

Hood / Ranier / Adams / St Helens - planes Right side coming into land. 

Start at Mt Hood

Grebe Mating in Klamath Falls.  

Eagles in Klamath Falls

Oregon Coast- Cape Perpetua and Thors well, time for high tide - on coast through Corvallis. North to Nestucca Bay for Tsunami evidence

Crater Lake  SW corner - looking NE dawn light best 

Columbia  river gorge North facing from Portland Womens Forum State Scenic at  Dawn or Dusk 

Mt St Helens looking South Morning from Coldwater ridge VC that is kept plowed, walk in to open up crater.  - 25 may be open, walk to Norway Pass.  Windy ridge probably still closed. 

Volcanoes, San Andreas, Tsumani - Crater Lake,  Mt St Helens, Mt Hood. 

Timing on Grebes - March for Grebes arrival. ebird - move east to breeding grounds, primarily from late Apr to early May. 

"This choreographed show tends to peak between late April and the middle of May."

June in WA  from Gary Lunce. 

Late May from Kevin Spencer - Klamath Audobon

August 2024

Renee to CO

Sept 2024    Wildlife & Travelogue


US to Singapore.

Singapore birding

Borneo WT to see Orangutans from Kota Kinabalu

    Orangutan & Sun bear Reserves

    Kinabatangan Wetlands - probiscus monkeys, macaques, river birds, pygmy elephants. Nocturnal - mousedeer, tarsiers, civet cats 

    Tabin Wildlife Reserve - bats, flying squirrels, civets, pig tailed macaques, banteng wild cattle, rinocerous hornbill, blue headed pitta. Nocturnal - owls

    Danum Valley - clouded leopard, gibbon, maroon leaf langur, birds galor, Nocturnal -  slow loris, bio luminescent fungi, flying squirrels.

Bali  Bonsuru Temple, Bali.

Eco Cove on Yeben Island from Sorong -  Snorkle using GoPro

Ring of Fire in Indonesia


2025    3 travelogues 

Cuba   April 3-13

$5875 pp

Group trip only.

Intrepid Travel used by Steve and Louise.

Tenesee migration  in April/May

Tennesse NWR Duck river  

possible extension to Washington DC.

Iceland - Fall   10 night trip  - 2 spots a day or 1 spot and drive.

Rekjavik  3 nights

Gullfoss Waterfall

Raufarhólshellir - 1.3km lava tube 

Thingvellir NP - plate boundary 

Mývatn 2 nights  - 4 hrs from Rekjavik

Grjotagia cave - plate boundary, North East iceland near lake

Godafoss waterfall north leg of Golden circle 4 hrs to drive.

Hofn 2 nights 5 hrs from Rekyaviak and Myvatn

Dettifoss Waterfall, the Asbyrgi Canyon, and Husavik Village 

Klifbrekkufossar at the head of Mjóifjörður - mulagljufur-1

1 night

Fjadrargljufur Canyon

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Puffins at Dyrholaey Arch in south Iceland.

Rekjyavik  2 night

PORTUGAL   10 nights 

Lisbon Setúbal Peninsula  - 4 nights 

Algarve  2 nights

Peneda-Geres NP 2 nights 

Porto - Bairro of Ribeira waterfront in Porto. 2 nights



Spring  March-April

Glacier NP

Waterton Border Park


Wilderness travel  - midsummer here, midwinter in S Africa.

Madagascar off the beaten track 15 days  $7695 - Lemurs. Andasibe NP / Lemur Island NP/Antananarivo, Kirindy, Anja/Isalo

Madagascar private journey 9 days $7000. Andasibe NP / Lemur Island NP/Antananarivo

Uganda private journey  8 days $6995 + $1500 flights and park fees - Chimps and Gorillas.  Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi IR

Use Nairobi as the hub and travel via Europe.  (Bots + Zimb = 17 days total) 


The best time of the year when you should go for gorilla trekking in Uganda is June, July, August and September. If that is not possible, January and February should be relatively okay.


Andasibe National Park / Lemur Island NP 

Ankarana / Antananarivo

Berenty Reserve / Antananarivo

wilderness do an extension to Queen Elizabeth & local chimps. 

At higher altitudes, the cool, dry months, from May to October, are best for hiking.


Nyungwe Forest NP - very diverse inc. chimps and colobus monkey, accessible forest   5 hrs from Kigali. contains Mt Karonje.

3 day trip to see chimps etc. 



Gombe Stream National Park - Jane Goodall chimps



Queen Elizabeth NP - Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge. v popular park. 

Kibale  NP was easy access to see Chimps - Use Imagine Travel or Natural World Safaris.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for Gorillas

Mgahinga NP for Gorillas



Kahuzi-Beiga NP - lowland gorillas


Cape Town 



Fish River Canyon just over SA border

Skeleton Coast 

Sossusvlei Sand Dunes 




Santorini  - Akrotiri - Beaches - edge of caldera - tour of crater.

Crete - Knossos

Thessaloniki - Monasteries


Istambul  - Agia Sofia, 

Epheysus - Roman ruins

Cappodocia - Ancient dwelling.





North Canada

Newfoundland  - Twillingate or Iceberg alley in June. 

NF to Labrador and Greenland cruise with WT.

North west passage cruise. 





Nujiang River or Salween, Just to West of Mekong.

Guilin - Karst scenery


N America

Hawaii; Kawaii - Oahu - Maui  Snorkle/Volcanoes

Nova Scotia 


Montana NP's

La to SF coast road

New Orleans 

Great Lakes

Meteor Crater AZ

Wildlife Rehab  Scottsdale AZ

Salt Lake City

Washington DC 

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan

Silk road tour with WT - 25 days  $11k  reveal a rich historical and ethnic canvas, filled with dazzling scenery and a multitude of architectural wonders. From the blue-domed Silk Road oasis of Samarkand, where Tamerlane once held sway, to Issyk-Kul, a vast alpine lake surrounded by the forested peaks of the Tien Shan,



Volcanics -



Glen Coe 

Skye - Lewis 




Costa Rica  - wildlife similar to Amazon 

Wilderness Travel

San Jose  Museo de Oro in San Jose ?

Corcovado. Tiskita Jungle Lodge Set on a verdant hillside between Pavones and Punta Banco,

Tortuguero on Carabean 


South America

Falklands and South Georgia Photo cruise with WT 

Pantanal in Brazil

Iguwara Falls  



Khao Sok NP good for animals in wetter season. 

Phang Nga - Karst scenery


Ankor Wat










See history page. Egypt, Greece, France, Spain, UK.  

Pharoses, Greek Enlightenment, Crusading monarchs, Renaissance, Secular democracy. 


Underwater Targets

coral, turtles, whales, fish, birds. 

Turtle nesting on South Padre Is

Grebe mating   Clear Lake, Lake County, California, USA end of Feb early March

                            Klamath Falls - near Crater Lake

                            Balmoreha, at turn off for Fort Davis. 

Osprey fishing

Owls - LBWC entry way

Hummer nest 

Gold Cheeked Warbler - South Llano River State Park & Lost Maples

Puffins - Alaska Seward , Iceland. 

Armadillo - 

Ringtail Texas - Hill Country - Enchanted Rock a good target - nocturnal ... try a moonlite night. they prefer rocky areas such as rock piles, stone fences, canyon walls, and talus slopes. Ringtails are expert climbers, capable of climbing vertical walls to find the most protected crevices, crannies, and hollows in which to build their dens. Insects and small mammals such as rabbits, mice, rats and ground squirrels

Barrier island - Assateague Island is the Delaware barrier island. - part of visit to Washington. Native wild horses. 

Mountain Lions in Patagonia, and US Rockies Dec-April.  970.901.6516 in CO, out of business in 2023.

Tigers in India and Huai Kha Khaeng Sanctuary  near Bangcok in Thailand.  south of Bangcok.

Primates; Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutan, Colobus, Mander


Evolution of landscapes 


Rivers - R. Zambezi, 

Valleys - Grand Canyon 

Glaciers - Rocky ice caps,


Beaches - Devon, CA

Sand dunes - Sand Dune NP 


3D map 

Build up 

Uplifted mountains - Rockies, Seirras, 

Volcanoes - Mt Hood/St Helens, Hawaii, Crater lake, 


Water Eroded fractured sandstones & limestones

Grand Canyon

Zambezi canyon - Victoria Falls




Grand Staircase

Monument Valley 

Ice Eroded sandstones & limestones


Rockies - ice caps

Mt Assinaboine


Barrier islands 

Devon beaches

Okavambo Delta


Volcanic hot spot islands





Mt St Helens

Crater Lake 



Volcanic drift zones

Mt Hood

La Veta fissures

Uplift Igneous & metamorphic

Sierra Nevada - Metamorphic with  huge igneous volcanic inclusions  such as Yosimite.

Tetons - igneous east, sandstone west

Denali - igneous

Skye - basalt and gabbro igneous rock. 


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