Context from multiple views, 3D from motion parallax, visual surprises from point of view and hidden gems.  Surprise reveal to create drama by looking for visually engaging views and then find a surprising  transition in. Hide behind foreground and  track  side/vertical to interest, pan to interest. For walking track use  Hyperlapse 5x and move slowly.  For max realism in pan use fast follow, slow joystick  and slow zoom.  Forward, distant side, and turntable track use Activetrack to maintain orientation. For telephoto up to 200mm, use cell phone 2x (50mm) lens w/o Hyperlapse, wave stabilize in PP, zoom and sharpen in PS. Beyond 200mm, use NikonP1000 stepped frames with carefully alignment to target, in roughly 0.5degree increments to cover at least 10 deg, combine into movie and zoom in PS, stretch using 10% speed  with Optical Force, wave stabilize in PP.  0.5 deg  = 1 stride for every 100 m of distance from target, needs at least 20 frames. 

Example scenarios; 

Start with Sphinx dominating scene and then track showing the pyramids behind.

Use a window start with side view and then reveal what is through window. Walls, lintles and pillars all act as blocks.

Walk into room using door as block and panorama around.

Start low horizontal hold and move to max reach- about 3 meters. 

Look for a tower view point  track up over edge and out and then rotate down to overhead view. 

Track down to low view of vegetation or water fall.

Transition between 2 views - , to avoid people use camera overhead. Start with view1 side track, pan or joystick to view2, zoom and front track towards new target.  Best Activetrack pointing and side track best using slow follow, Best handle pan & tilt  use fast follow.   Use blocks for transitions, pillars, walls, traffic etc. 

Story telling; travelogue, highlights, theme. For instance - Botswana travelogue, wildlife, White water, boating. 

Fall travelogue - London, Paris,  chateaux, Bruges sights are all linked by  rivers  - then Spain. 

Egypt linked Nile, and Petra ? - River Jordan as a trade route. 

Night wildlife using f2 300mm RASA SVBONY camera - collect video. 

For eclipse with foreground, 100mm lens at f32 has a 6m -inf DOF.

Europe 2022

London, Paris, Chateaux, Bruges, Cordoba, Granada, Lynx, Mountains.

8 locations - 30 sec per = 4 min total.  Six 5 sec scenes at each location. 

Cell, gimbal, P1000, Sony7as 20mm & 100m, tripod.

LONDON   Thames tour   

music "Sweet Thames flows softly" Maddy and the girls. Start video at Greenich go to Hampton Court. 

Boat tour - Thames  - Houses of P / ring / Tower / Cutty Sark

Boat Tour - from Barnes/Hammersmith to Hampton Court. 

The Eye - evening light    

Tower Bridge at Night  from South West with The tower   

From Tower Bridge walkway - look down river.

Houses of P at night from South bank   

Tower Bridge  -Hyper  boat under - tilt up - spin - tilt down, walk through on road to tower.  At night. High above looking down river.   From Kings Stairs Gardens on South Bank to East. 

Tower of London  from Sky Garden - free admission. 

Cutty Sark  - Zoom in from river -  transition up to see onto deck. 

Greenwich - -lookback from hill overlooking City 

Houses of Parliament / Big ben / london bridge from the South Bank. From London Eye. 

Hampton Court - turntable from Privy Garden

Nelsons column - Lions to Nelson 

St Pauls - walk over bridge - zoom in - turntable in front . From St Pauls towards Nelson column and Houses of P 

From Richmond Park 

Buckingham Palace 

         -Nelson to  walk up the Mall - Turntable for Mall and Palace. From the eye 30 degrees to Mall. From Admiralty Arch. Form institute of Contemporary Art on North side of Mall near Arch. Turntable at Victoria Mem. 

         Stand in Trafalgar square at Admiralty Arch - fast follow, camera overhead wide angle. Start with Nelson, pan to the Mall, zoom and track towards Buckingham palace. 


PARIS  Seine tour

Paris night river trip.

Paris Eye.

Eiffel Tower - long distance track to tilt up. 

View from Eiffel Tower.

Arc de Triomphe - champs Elisee - turntable / Hyper walk through and  zoom.

Notre Dame - Chapel inside. 


Musee D'Orsay - art inside 

Monmatre square. 

Les Invalides bridge - walk across.


Loire tour 


Bois - Da Vinchi 

Chaumont sur Loire

Azay-le Ridaeu



Old town 

CORDOBA   814-950AD most of Spain to Pakistan  is Islam starts in 632 AD. Mohammed born 570AD. Mohammed succession, now Shia more extreme in Mesopotamia region, Sunni everywhere else. 

Mesquita - from across river, hall of pillars inside (try side track, laberinthe or fly through), at night.  

GRANADA 1275-1482AD

Alhambra - view on hill mountains behind, reflecting pools, at night 




Roman amphitheater plus harbor 


Capiliera village nestled in hills.


Cell, gimbal, P1000, Sony7as 8mm, 20mm & 100m, tripod.

ABU SIMBEL  Ramasses 2  1200BC  - Hieroglyphic written language - linked to Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. 

Boat track 

Walk in



On east side of Nile river. Views from River at dusk, arrays of corridors of pillars and statues - Hyper tracks front and side. 

Track hyroglyphics   "If my wife sees this text message I will be in real  ......."     "Damn autocorrect .."   "Nefertete is out milking her mothers camel,  lets meet under the obelix"  "we need a more secure text message system"  "Your just thinking about one thing" "Oh Biggertete   I do love your mind as well".


Hyper track  of Sphinx with Pyramids behind.

Turntable of Sphinx head.



PETRA    Nabateans -  Arabian nomads around since 4000 BC, built Petra 1000 BC abandoned 400 AD. With obvious Roman influence. A trade route center with water access.  Does appear in Bible.

Walk into plaza - panorama of plaza  

Turntable of Treasury entrance - view to the South West - mid morning sun. 

Walk into Treasury

Panorama of region leading to top down view of Treasury - Al Khubtha trail 2-3 hrs round trip. 

Survey of entire facility 

Street of Facades


Tour of Valley - Lawrence of Arabia Steal. Slow side track with moving foreground of camels. 

Night sky - Milky Way rotates - Use Sony 8mm on tripod with timer.


Canal tour 

Boat trip down the canals

Bridge of Sighs, Basilica, Palazzo, Corridors in palace



Passo Pordoi

Lago Nero 


Uffizi  paintings

Duomo dome


Riomaggiore - sunset Boat trip
Train/walk between villages



Central square.

AUSTIN   River runs through it :

Start morning  at the park looking up river  - Use active track, avoid rough path/ very close foreground. 

boat ride - up river 

Mopac up river 5x side active track  

TRC from bridge - morning - Zoom to avoid bridge - joystick pan or side track to city.  

TRC from bridge - late afternoon - boats surprise 

- zoom to Stevie

Stevie Ray - turntable with background panorama ending at Congress bridge  -Hyper

Congress bridge - pan from river - track  up Congress. fast follow, camera overhead wide angle. Start with river, pan to the Mall, zoom and track towards Capitol. 

Capitol building - Turntable track, 25mm 1x lens. 

Statue 100 m high 100 m away (texas capitol), 1m to the side = 0.6 deg, so 20m (strides) gets 10 degrees and some parallax.  At 0.2fps = 10 sec clip. Snap each frame to crosshair.  Align frames manually  or using  DSS. 

Capitol - view from inside transition to top.

Pan to View down congress   

ARC upriver along walkway at I35 at sunset, pan to downstream after I35.  - track - Hyper

Titles with picture of lady bird.

"Austin's green jewel."

along Lady Bird Lake

Visuals copywrite Michael PC Watts

Music by Lukas Nelson "Just outside of Austin"

Use Lukas Nelson song, close with "...... Austin".

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