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Retirement is fun !

These are our hobbies, Mike's have a nerdly spin. "Your such a nerd" as Renee says so lovingly. 

Renee enjoys all sorts of fabric artistry ..... 


When Covid started, I quickly became frustrated with all the expert opinions and no data. "Impattern on Covid" started as a FB blog and morphed into a full scale project. 

By November 2021, a model of the Covid pandemic suggested that nearly everyone was vaccinated or had been infected at some point. 


Digital photography have suddenly allowed amateur to see some amazing stuff. Here are some favorites, a few "how to" examples, a poster of the Universe plus a way of understanding the cycles of the sky.



Birding has become one of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some favorite photos, and a


Life List in photos

Albatross to Flycatcher

Godwit to Lorikeet

Macaw to Swan

Tanager to Woodpecker

Plus a collection of mammals and reptiles.

Some of our favorite places.


Always an exercise nut, rowing in Austin is Mike's favorite


We really enjoyed "Finding your roots" on NPR and bought each other DNA tests for Christmas, with no idea of what it would lead too !  Having solved the great Gray mystery, I started helping people asking for help in solving their puzzles.  The DNA helix has actually  been imaged.......

Gray Mystery 

Vickers Mystery 


Still in touch with the world that ran Mike's professional life